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Safety & Other Info Posting Location

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What would be the one best location for posting items about fire closures or other safety related info?

Cheers, Beers, & Gold



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Okay, most of what I have run into may best fit within the prospectors lounge forums.

Would it be possible to have stand alone section with the forum dedicated to safety? It would require some type of advisement about not being all encompassing, there is no substitute for professional medical care, something a long the lines of use at your own risk, knowledge of the outdoor environment and training before heading out.

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Safety Info can go into anyone of the forum buckets such as "Miner's Rights and Land Use" or the "Prospectors Lounge" as long as its easily identifiable by members looking for safety related items.

The goal is to (1) assist folks with understanding the risk they face when traveling thru the Mojave Desert or other locations via the posted safety suggestions; (2) there is there is no substitute for professional medical care or training; (3) to make members aware of the risk they assume and the possible dangers they face in the Mojave Desert of other location.

While there are a good number of us who have been at this for long, long, long time there are other who have not and easily access safety suggestions might save a lot of future grief.

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