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This Lady has been driving her 1957 Chevy for 53 years

Au Seeker

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We all now things in life happen. She must have lived in one spot and had a Mechanic that took a shine to her. Someone took care of that car. I put 390,000 miles on a F-150 van with no engine issues. One water pump and a Oil pan Gasket after I messed up and put some dollar store oil treatment in it. Tuned the gasket into Bubble Gum. I wore out the rest of the van. Only thing that took it off the road was the Freeze Plugs rusted out because I put too much water in it.(Electrolysis) The doors had issues, The Fact that it was 6'7" wide and I tried to put it between some trestle stanches 1" less made it look bad.


But it was a Cool Van.

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