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Hey guys you are not going to believe this, but true. I needed my gold fix. my truck is in the shop broke down and the mechanic is telling me its going to take a few days to get the parts?
Im thinkin what he's really saying is,my is trucks a relic,? ok maybe.
Im sittin here and Im thinking outside the box.

So I start considering other options? Taxi? what, wait a minute, a taxi? so I call the taxi companies in the area, didnt take long there is are not a lot of them.
And I ask, how much for 15-20 miles and will you go out on dirt roads?
Guy shows up at my door doesnt have a clue what Im up to, after helping me load my equipment, he see's me wearing full camo and my side gun,
that gave him a rough idea, the look on his face was priceless. not only that I want him to drive me 15 miles out in hills.

what shocked me most is that when I called for a pick up he came back. :200::D AzNuggetBob

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:yesss: neccessity is the mother of invention :D get any gold to help pay for the rides. Wish I coulda seen that one as a guy pulling up in a cab to desertrat would be a funny sight to be sure :arrowheadsmiley: John

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Fred it wasn't somthing Id make a habit of and all things considered, but it sure was fun for a one nighter.

AzNuggetBob :D

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I hear ya Bob;

On my last Trip to Oz Doug Stone got his truck stuck in a canyon. We were 100 miles from Melbourne Airport. So, He calls me a taxi because i had to catch my plane the next day.I am thinking the taxi will cost me hundreds of dollars...crud! The ride was great, the driver was fun and the whole trip only cost about 120 bucks...but, I will pass on another adventure like that...


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Dang Bob:
That must have been one heck of a itch to do that :)
Glad you were able to get out anyway.

We will get together once it cools off a bit and Ill be the taxi :)
Tom H.

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H-2 Charlie I agree Im lookin for a good deal on a older trials bike. Im thinkin Yamaha. there the easest to get parts for.
I like trials bikes because their light and just handle well in the hills. I have to tell ya I miss my old 500
yamaha,it was great on the flats but sucked in the hills. just to heavy on deer trails.Im lookin for one thats still street legal.

Tom thanks well get together again soon. I should have it back today. I was just about to give them a call and see if its done yet.
ya the old floord has really been pushin my buttons lately.
but I have to say its getting great gas milage latly, behind a tow truck.
the taxi people are getting to know me on a first name basis. Im still lookin for a good deal on a 4-runner but I dont want another money pit . Ive looked at several lately.


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