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Too dang hot to get skunked!

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Cool, im gonna pick one up in the very near future! Im just whining lol, ill be back out in the heat by the end of the week. It would sure be nice to score a nug or two though. I think I need to reevaluate my research strategy to avoid hiking into spots that look good on maps but not so good on the ground.

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I get started early weaver, I usually leave the house at 4 and get out there by 500, I call it a day around 1 while its hot. The hard part is that its easy hiking in the morning, not so easy on the way back lol. I start to head back towards the truck once a third of my water is gone.

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Same here guys.....hot and humid.....within 30 minutes out of the PU all my clothes are soaking wet

with sweat. So beeping by 0700 on most days and quit at 1100. Head for town to do a quick shower and then

to the restaurant with the cute waitress's. How can you beat that plan?

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Dont get discoraged....its the law of attrition..the more washes you hit, the closer you are to getting a nug :)
Heck, I went out for 3 days detecting and finally got a flyspeck in my gold pan. :O
Tom H.

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