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Newbie 5000 question

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Hey all,

Just got my hands on a 5000 and took it out for a spin today. I have one question. Are targets going to always have the high low sound? Or will some have a single sound (high or low)?

I was getting quite a few subtle single tone sounds. I figured they were just hot areas, but they had the same kind of sound a good target on my GMT would have.

The obvious answer would be to dig all of them, but I was also learning how to pinpoint with a larger coil and some of these sounds got lost when digging.

Thank you!

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I would suggest you don't 'wait' on finding targets and knowing what they sound like. Take an assortment of finds from your past and normal coins and other objects and 'hide' them in something or bury them and try to guess what you have. You may be surprised on how you use and swing the coil will influence greatly what your objects sound like.


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Hi the ML PI's are a whole different animal compared to the Vlf's-the signals on real targets will be a Hi-Lo to a Lo-Hi sound depending on the metalic composition of the target-how deep it is and what size it is-the single sounds your talking about sound like their either ground noise or EMI static-the ML PI's are known for pips and pops from EMI noise -as Mitchel suggested practice with different targets and get aquainted with the best Gold PI on the market right now-Hope this helps :head: Mike C...PS Hurry up FISHER lets see what your PI will do :4chsmu1:

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That helps a lot. Went back out today and indeed the single tones were not targets, just wobbles from ground conditions.

Digging lots of trash, but that is to be expected. At least its small in size.

Hitting the fields again tomorrow. Hoping for better luck!

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