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Fair day for a shoot

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Every year a bunch of guys get together for a shoot, you are allowed tripods and bags, no mechanical supports. A bunch of 10" balloons stapled to boards and set at 100, 200, 300, 400, & 500 yards. All shots start from left to right, if you break a balloon other that what you were suppose to shoot you get deducted 1 shot. You are allowed 1 shot at each yardage total 5 shots. No practice shot or sight in, Be ready to shoot when you arrive. Each shooter pays $20.00. 100% payback 50,30,20 split. Ties are shot at different set of balloons at unknown yardage. Everyone shoots from same position, a large bale of hay, No scope limitations. Calibers up to 6.5, nothing larger.

Weather was cloudy with a few showers and wind which made the balloons all over the place. No I didn't get a split, but it was a lot of fun.




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That sure sounds like y'all had a whole lot of fun. :yesss::thumbsupanim

Once in a while a few Buds around here do pretty much

the same thing. We use 4" water balloons at 100 yards.

.22's only, easier on the ears. :4chsmu1:

We just shoot for bragin' rights. :brows:

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