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My neighbor, Has a Stampmill

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My neighbor has a mini stamp mill out of an Assay office in San Francisico, that he has had for about 40 years, its dated 1900, made in San Fran. Here's pictures1 and no its not for sale. Grubstake



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Gary....yup he has a lot of other interesting mining artifacts....actually asked him about selling some of them, but he said they were all his grandfathers...that collected over the years,he was a rock hound to....and has some nice specimens. Did you see the old retort?

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He owns his own water well drilling company. Or did, before he went bankrupt last year. Due to Calif. EPA Regs on his drilling Rig. Grubstake

I bet they wanted him to change his motor for the much newer and complicated one's that need a brain surgeon and computer programmer to maintain/troubleshoot. THat's an across the board thing in construction, now, even generators, concrete pumps, all heavy equipment.

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No it had a 1960's diesel engine on it, they wanted him to put the Calif. compliant engine on it, and up grade the whole rig, So he loaded it on a drop deck trailer, and it went to scrapmetal. along with all the drill stim and bits, and around 100 tons of other scrap metal he had in his yard, not he has it leased to the local nursery, its right across from my house.So now he is retired, He goe's on trips a lot now, last year Hawaii, in Nov. To Panama, I watch there cat for them, since mine and his are sisters. Grtubstake

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Hey Grubstake... How many cats do you want? There are plenty

of strays in my neighborhood :)

GOTCHA??? Seriously... Thanks for sharing the photos. My Best

to You and Dorthy ... jim

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