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First Silver...

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Found my first Silver, a nice shiny Dime in that tiny grass area next to the curb in downtown Canon City, CO today.... I was there on other business and was parked here, went in on a whim and asked, guy said sure dug 34 holes and filled 3 back in at about a foot.... several were through the roots and I spent about 2 hrs covering the curbside and another 20min on the building side.
My first Matchbox too.....
The best thing might be that square piece folded in half, got it home and found out it's a Colorado 1/5 Cent sales tax Token (Colorado used sales-tax tokens from Sept. 1, 1935,to Feb. 28, 1945).... GREAT day here.


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sidewalk areas and barren dirt near user areas has yielded many coins and tokens to me. Look for streets and sidewalks that are being tore up/out and check the dirt under them...also, find where the stuff is being dumped and check that out too.

Congrats, finding silver was just a matter of time and diligence.


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