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Some photos of my cross county trip

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I just returned from a two week trip to Tennessee and the wife was good enough to let me stop at some very interesting places. First on my way east I stoped first at the Odessa Creaters. Before I left I donated a small piece of yelland meteorite

Kind of bland as Creaters go but the exhibits in the visitor center made up for it while I was there I was able to obtain a 94 gram piece. Well worth the visit.

Next on the way home I stopped at the Kansas meteorite museum located in Haviland Kansas. There I met Don who owns and runs it. he owns over 1100 acres surrounding the museum and his collection is impressive. I presented him with a 23 gram peice of yelland and then spent the better part of two hours Touring his Museum and talking space stuff. It is a wonderful museum and Don is a great host. Before leaving he presented me with a book about the Brenham meteorite, a meteorite study kit that he got from Margaret A. Huss Harvey H. Nininger daughter and a small slice of the Brenham meteorite. This was another worthwhile stop. Last I took time out of our last days 14 hour drive home to take some photos of The H H Nininger museum at meteor crater. Hope you enjoy.








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Cool stuff, Bryan. That's a great Odessa, too!

It's a shame people trashed the old museum to the extent that they had to close of access to it. I was lucky enough to visit it in 2011 when you could still go up and touch it and walk around inside.


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