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Digging gold with Minelab's new SDC 2300

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In the last few weeks, I've had a chance to try out Minelab's new SDC 2300. I've had excellent luck with it so far and did up a blog post for Minelab's Treasure Talk blog. See: http://www.minelab.com/aus/treasure-talk/trying-out-minelab-s-new-sdc-2300
Minelab has a history of introducing new, cutting edge PI technology, and the SDC 2300 continues that tradition. Its very sensitive to small targets, waterproof to 10 ft., amazingly resistant to coil falsing on grass and rocks, rugged, compact and easy to use. Between the small gold sensitivity and the waterproof feature, this detector will be accomplishing things no pulse detector could do before. I am sure many of you will be interested in taking a closer look at this new detector, and I'd be happy to answer any questions.


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You have almost talked me into buying one. How is the signal response on a 1/10 of a gram nugget and depth?

On nuggets less than a gram, its going to out perform the GPX 5000 and anything else except a high frequency VLF in low mineral ground (and even then its pretty close). The place I went is one where the gold is porous and sharp edged. This is the type of stuff PI detectors generally have trouble with - and I knew this. I've gotten a lot of larger pieces there, but with my GP Extreme, I got very few less than a pennyweight. With the GPX 5000, I got a bunch of half gram to pennyweight sized pieces. Now I am collecting stuff of a gram down to about 0.1 grams at this place.

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How is the weight? Getting older and more wore out, I just don't care much for digging those deep targets the big Minelabs direct us to. So, I have been using the Sadie coil or small commander DD and my new GB Pro.....the GB Pro us like taking a vacation from the heavy GPX, no harness or bungee, don't need a big pick, you get the drift.....will us old farts with arthritis in the shoulder still need a harness and bungee for the SDC?

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El Dorado -

Its about the same as a GPX for weight, but a lot easier to put down when you are not digging because you are not tied to it. There is no harness and battery or the cables that go with those. I'd say it was easier to carry around, but not a lot lighter.

H-2 -

This is not a depth monster - it just wasn't designed that way. If you want big gold deep, get a GPX 5000 and a big coil.

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