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Just a Internet thing I figurerd out.


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For anyone with Quest Internet or a Sub there of. Over the last six months my Internet got slower and slower. If you call them and Bitch, they give you the run around about your doing something wrong and your messing up. Funny part is when you hang up with them and redo the speed test all is well again. Go Figure? There taking people down in Band with and selling it to some one else . When you bitch about it you get what your paying again. Isn't that Amazing? I'm paying for 7Mbt and was down to 2. We only have two computers on line One is not turned on until the kid gets home from school and when both are on line I expect only half of what we have. 2 out of 7 is not half. Today I called in and pitch the hoodo and was given the same routine. Oh it's this and that. She wanted me to do a direct connect with a eTHER net cord in lou of wireless. I tested the line and with only one computer on line was seeing 2mbt. Gave her the Kind Pilipino lady the what for about Wireless or Cable would not give me less then half of what I'm paying for. I gave up.

Redid the same test after I hung up with her and I'm now getting 5 of 7 Mbts I'm paying for . Go Figure. This is at least three times I've done this over the past three years.

Do a Speed Test. It got so bad I Could not even see a Youtube if my kid was on line.

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