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Meteor Sighting Central Florida 8:50 PM

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I was driving north on I-95 and I saw a streak for about 3 seconds. It ws headed down and to the north and disappeared into the low trees on the horizon. I have not looked for other reports.

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Only thing I could find on it was the UFO reporting center.

6/10/14 06:20 Jacksonville FL Triangle 15 Very bright white light(s) on a stationary object with angular lines. 6/13/14 6/9/14 05:45 Jacksonville FL Triangle 45 minutes Very bright angular object that stayed motionless within eye view; lots of disturbed birds. 6/13/14 6/8/14 10:15 Orlando FL Unknown 10-15 minutes Three very bright lights in varying distances, heading north west. 6/13/14 6/7/14 22:18 Miami FL Fireball 6 minutes Strange Fire In the Sky. 6/13/14 6/7/14 06:00 Clermont FL Other 20 seconds Intense RED mushroom shaped object over golf course lake. 6/13/14 6/6/14 20:20 Sunrise FL Teardrop 3 minutes Glowing round sphere that split in to many pieces. 6/13/14 6/5/14 21:30 Palm City FL Unknown 20 seconds It looked like a star skirting across the sky. 6/6/14
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I read a couple of the reports, this is a good one.

Glowing round sphere that split in to many pieces.

I was driving west on 595 at 8:20 pm and noticed a large round glowing object in the distance to the west. The object was round and glowing at first and then appeared to change shape and break into several other pieces.

I took pictures of the largest one and did not realize there were many until I enlarged the pictures. I actually called 911 and reported it because it reminded me of what the space shuttle looked like when it came apart a over Texas.

My wife also witnessed this with me and I have 10 pictures of the objects, so I know I did not hallucinate this.

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