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Garrett ATX 8in Mono Coil


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Has anyone spent some time with this coil? I was thinking about buying one.

For smaller gold and maneuvering arounf rocks.

Thanks Chris

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Whoops, I just noted it was about an ATX coil you were referring to,

and not a Minelab Commander Mono...

I have no experience with an ATX mono...



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bsum did you see the post I put up about two weeks ago what the ATX 8" did?

The Garrett dealer here went just to the edge of town where a very old scrap is and found some little ones that wouldn't show on my scale.

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bsumbdy, regarding your ATX

Can you ground balance over hot rocks and tune them out without having to reground balance after passing over the same hot rock?

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I havn't had many problems with hotrocks. Partially because they have balanced out for me and also the area im in (Johnnie District NV) there are very few hot rocks. Love how steady the ATX's threshold is. except for false signals when you bump the coil.


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