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airplane wreckage in vulture mountains

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I was out at vulture this morning on the roadrunner claims west of vulture peak and found lots of peices of what looks like a torn up airplane. I havent been able to find any info on a crash. Just curious if anyone knows anything about it?

Here ya go… http://planecrashmap.com/list/az/

These are just the fatals. If a rancher crashed his plane, survived, and then came back and hauled it off, then it probably wouldn't have been reported to the FAA. Same scenario would probably hold true for the military also. :idunno:

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Dad and I found a old military crash above Lake pleasant in the 80s when we were dove hunting.

Lots of guages scattered around with other crap.

Still have a side plate from a machine gun that has BROWNING AUTOMATIC stamped on it.

Intersting stuff out there in the hills :)
Tom H.

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Now that you mention it, there were 200 or so skeletons out there....probably just coincidence.

THat'sa the Mormon gold!

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I found pieces of a jet that crashed just west of the hiway near LSD ... Research narrowed it down to a 1950's crash that happened after a collision between fighter jets ... The first piece I found was a screw that was in the same hole with a one ounce nugget ... Other parts were a titanium hydraulic cap and a big round plate with a spring loaded lever on it ... A few years back I also found the front cowling off a civilian plane up near the White Cloud mine... Cheers, Unc


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There is a data brace of every airplane crash for commercial and another one for privet aircraft that has happened in the USA.

Just do a Google search to find it.

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