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can anyone tell me what kind of rock this is

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I found this rock mostly buried and the small piece sticking out I thought it was obsidian with green in it. so I dug it out and thats when I could see it wasn't. most of it has a shiny black crust on it. the green color looks to me like it was melted into the shiny black crust. Its in patches with some looking to be thicker than others. its atracks strong magnets but not like a piece of iron. I tried the streak test and it leaves no streak. whats got me baffled is I have never seen any rocks like it around here before. pretty much all our rocks are rounded because during the last ice age there was a huge lake that got dammed up by ice in montana . that caused a mighty flood when it finally thawed and so most all our rocks washed in and were wore down round. I live in the columbia basin in eastern washington. hopefully one of you veteran rock hunters can give me a little information about it. If I haven't given enough information please feel free to ask me and I'll do my bestto answer them . thank you so much

Bob m






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WElcome to Nuggetshooter, BOb.

Hematite can be green ,so is serpentine and even some types jade( so I have read) . All can be slightly magnetic( or more).

What did you streak it on? Do you have a diamond knife hone?

CAn you do a specific gravity test on it?

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hi there first thing wow fast responses thanks every one.


I used the inside of my toilet lid, tried it several times. as far as a diamond hone no I don't. I really don't know how do do the specific gravity test. Also I went and google imaged serpentine and that is the closest pictures Iv'e seen to what I have. But in the pictures it looks as though the green color on the outside of it may run deep if not all the way through. on what I have it may only go down the thickness of say your finger nail may be less. It has three places where I'd say there's been pieces broken off. one place I broke myself and they all three broke really rough, not smooth. you can see where the green color is there and where the break begins no more green. Am I correct in thinking the green color runs deeper in serpentine?

thanks again every one your all great|

Bob m

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