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If your Minelab seems broken.....

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So a couple weeks ago I was out detecting with my GPX 5000 and all was going well. Steve Herschbach and I were hunting a spot where there are several patches in a comparatively small area a few hundred yards up to a quarter mile apart. At the last place of the day, I took out my GPX and turned it on, and it sounded weird (the 5000 goes through a specific set of tones on boot up and I know what is normal). I looked at the display screen and it was off - it looked the same as when the detector is off. It was making some faint sounds and I waived some metal objects past the coil and it did make a weak sound as the metal went by - but it was obviously malfunctioning and with the screen off, I could not adjust the sound upward even if I wanted. I tried a second power cord and that made no difference. I tried another coil - also no change. So I sent the unit into minelab for repair. They rebooted the unit to all the factory presets and it worked fine. Apparently this happens sometimes that the computer gets itself set to some weird setting and it wont run right unless reset to the presets. Turning on and off is effectively a partial re-boot, while retoring factory pre-sets is a full and total reboot. Sometimes that is what it takes.

So, the moral of this story is.........

if you find that your Minelab GPX 4000 to 5000 model seems broken, try a different power cord, try another coil (both these I already knew), but also try rebooting to all the factory preset settings.
Here is the procedure from the GPX 5000 manual:

To restore all Factory Preset settings:
1.Turn the detector off.
2. .Press the On/Off switch down and hold until the Reset Defaults menu appears (approximately. 5–6 seconds).
3. Turn Function Select to the right to select All Settings (as shown on the diagram).
4. Turn Setting left or right to restore all Factory Presets.The detector will restore Factory Presets and re-start.
Just thought this falls into the category of stuff worth knowing if you own a GPX detector.
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Had a similar problem with weak audio on start up. That is nearly always a power cord problem but it corrected its self when I went into factory preset. It's been fine for over a month with the same headphones and cord.

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Great advice Chris ... I stumbled onto the same thing a few months back ... never posted about it because I thought it was just a fluke of making so many changes to the settings. I experiment with settings a lot when I get a first of the day target or first in a new area target. I just thought it was like speeding up my email by removing all the old 'stuff'. So now that you made it an official fix or at least potential fix you have taken work away from the techs! LOL

Seriously though that is a very good step to take before sending a control box on a 4000, 4500, 4800 or 5000 back for service. Thanks for the post.

Mike F

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Great Info to be remembered (hopefully)

Now question; on my cell phone have had issues it locks up. Gotta shut it down, sometimes pull battery and reload and am told to at least shutdown and restart every week.

By going back to default once a year (?) on our ML's prevent problems or be a good thing?


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Maybe so. I know my desktop if you just put it on hibernate after about a week it starts doing very strange stuff, but if you do a full hard reboot, its fine.

The Mysteries of complex computer gadgets. Who knows for sure?

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Shep and Chris

The idea of putting the 5000 back to factory settings every once in a while might be a good thing.

Computers and cell phones benefit from an occasional reboot which this seems akin to.

I wonder if JP or someone from MInelab would have any further information.

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