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Test Run if New SDC 2300

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The SDC gets a nice sharp response in an air test on a 1 grain nugget at about an inch and what was interesting to me is it was in the middle of the coil, not on the edge as I normally see with mono coils and small gold. But I will be frank and tell you that in my opinion it is all about found gold not air tests. PI detectors generally suck in air tests. I plan to be pounding some small gold areas starting June 16 or so with the SDC and I am far more interested in seeing what it does in the field. If people want to put money down on one fine but they can also hold off a few days and see if a couple pounded locations I know of give up any gold in the near future and just how small it is. Though I do have to tell you that despite all the small gold talk I intend on finding chunkier stuff with the SDC. I just think some pretty small stuff will happen along the way.

There is a sort of hot spot in the coil to the inner right hand side but I simply have tool little time on the unit to have figured out all the little tricks.

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Great review Steve, will look forward to hearing more and they will be available here and elsewhere very soon. All dealers are taking pre orders as well at this time....

MAP price is $3,765.00 on this new offering from Minelab, Retail price $4,875.00

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