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Yo Grubstake !!


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You aught to see the austrailian road trains!


Some of them get pretty big...


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Those wiggle wagons, the secret is don't look in your rear view mirrors. I mostly pulled 53ft flat beds, heavy haul over sized loads, High wide long and heavy. Grubstake

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Grubstake ..... We did a lot of the same thing. I worked for a rigging company in Newark NJ. some of the best years i ever had was doing that type of work. That's how i became friends with Max "Gilauro" as he was the escort car and shared many of his pictures doing that with me...... After 30 years of doing it and retired now i do "Miss It"


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TomH is right on about the AU road trains. I spent a few months sleeping in a tent in W.A. I only saw one paved road in all of WA.

The rest are dirt. and most have what they call "bull dust". The dirt is like flour and 6" to 12" or so deep. You can see the dust

cloud 20 km away and the roads aren't wide enough for truck and a PU to pass each other so one has to climb the berm to get

out of the way, guess who that is going to be. When that road train passes you get to choke on their dust for about five minutes.

No matter how tight the PU cab is the dust still comes in and smoothers you. In the video did you notice the massive grill guards

the AU trucks have. Their called Ro bars for a good reason. The trains don't swerve for anybody or anything and that goes

double for kangaroos. If your driving down a 500 km road you'll smell at least a dozen dead road kill ro's.

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That would remind me of the Gravel guards we ran on our trucks hauling Pipe and equipment to the AK, pipe line.We carried two of every thing, sometimes more, I always had a dozen fuel filters, and a couple of oil filters, and two air cleaners, and half a dozen headlites. Grubstake

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