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Went beeping today

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I have been taking care of my wife for a week straight now, since her coming out of the hospital. She was feeling better today, so we thought it might be a great time for me to get out for some fresh air.

I went to a nearby city park, where the amusement show folks just pulled out of last week.

Thier mark were clearly layed out, you could see where the hoards of people walked.

It was funny, that I could se some one was there before me, but they were not finding the prize. I went over those bare spots and found the coins they missed.

I started beeping and found coin after coin. Almost to many to sweep the coil over. Nothing old, all shallow stuff. Found alot of pennys, as well as other coins. My MXT is pretty damned good on Quarters. A bit less impressive on nickels. Zinc pennys are pretty good as well. Over all a damned good coind shooter. I found one broch. Not sure what it is, but it looks to be costume jewerly to me.

At least I got that itch scratched.

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You know pictures are worth a thousand words...haha...I bet Steve H. could give you a few pointers on the MXT as far as nickles go. But not sure if he browses this part of the forum....but anyways WTG and hope your wife is doing ok too. Good luck!!!

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The Zinc pennys seemed to give the MXT some trouble. It would go between foil, pull top, penny over and over. I dug so many coins, I was sore as hell in the back of the legs and lower buttocks, and shoulders the day after.

I always carry two beepers. One for gold ( Gold bug) and then the MXT for overall stuff. It is so much better at everything but gold.

The GB runs circles around the MXT when it comes to gold, but then again, I have yet to find any gold with it. I just know by doing side by side tests on the same nugget.

Next weekend June 6th 7th and 8th, 2014, I am headed up to Columbia if someone wants to meet me there. I could actually stay until Monday morning if need be, as I don't have to be at work until 3 PM. I don't have much on my schedule except to meet some old friends for a drink up in Murphys.
We could go beeping or sluicing or what have you. I'll be on foot, as I am flying in and camping at the airport, so I'll be needing a ride unless we work right there locally which is mostly off limits due to it being a state park. I have work around the airfield some. Lots of signs of hydraulicing, but also lots of poison oak as well. I wonder how the old miners did it, or was there no poison oak in those days. I know star thistle was not there to begin with, but later came in and spread across the country.

If someone is interested in meeting up, let me know.

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