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One of my first nug's with GPX


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Just purchased a 4000 a few weeks ago.

I've been out and about many of times, trying to find those elusive yellow pieces with the GPX.

I was not even sure if I could find them seeing I am deaf in one ear.
But after 8-10 trips out I have become a little more familiar with the tones, no expert at all.

It is so exciting when you find a nugget no matter what size it is.

And when you do; your digging up every little faint sound you can hear.

I want to say thanks to Tom and Old Tom for helping me out. :thumbsupanim

Happy Hunting






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Hey Kenn:
Its not only awsome that you found that nugget....its cool that you found it in a well beaten area also! :)

Tom H.

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I hear that you got another to add to the poke, that's really great Ken. Getting used to the equipment and lots of practice is the key. You're a great prospector and I like going out with you. Lotsa luck in the future to ya.

Old Tom

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Are the Toms giving metal detectoring lessons? If so, I need to sign up ! Nice piece of gold there KennA ....I cant wait to get out :head:

Sure.................buck or two a day :) U should be schooling me!!!

Tom H.

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