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Gold small peaces finded with naked eye! :D


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Hello guys today i find a amazing thing. few days ago here in Serbia its been biggest floods ever remmembered, half country its been in troubles with floods. after water go avay i decide today to go chek my gold bearing small creek. last 2 years its been bone dry. now its abouth enogh water for my sluice finaly works his job. flood makes gravel layers are much shalower than ever before i see. a lot of naked false cemented clay bedrock with lot of crevices and holes. i decide to check few crevices, and hit 5 small flakes and micro nugs. with eyes only, with no eqwipment!!! its wery small amouth of gold, less than 0,1g but a way of find make me wery excited. i thinks that good idea its to try crevicing, also to hit exposed bedrock with my Gold bug pro.... any more sugestions how to best take advantages of this situation?

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Thats great that you have water now.

You should try building one of these and start sucking up the


Good luck to ya.

Tom H.


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Isnogood, I know what you mean man. I remember the first time I found a stream where I could pull pieces of the bedrock with nothing but tweezers. I spent all day pulling tiny specks out of the rocks and got less than half a gram. If I had got the dry washer and vacuumed a few feet of that bedrock I'd've been a lot better. Something about just picking it up off the ground was so fun I just couldn't stop the first couple times I found spots that good.

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