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Next door yard produces my oldest find to date

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Yep guy across the alley allowed me to do his yard, now his next door neighbor says I can do his too, just had to get the ball rolling...

9 Wheats and an Indian....

Guess I just joined the 1800 club....

Silver next hurdle to jump.





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Cool finds,seek an ye shall find. Them yards not as pounded as the park it seems. The strip of lawn between the street and sidewalks are righteous producers and when sidewalks/streets torn up GO FOR IT ASAP. Kudos-John

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Good beeping RAE....check out where the grass or dirt meet the driveway. Many times a coin will fall out as they get out of the car and roll to the edge and drop in and their almost always on edge. GO SLOW.

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I couldn't say how deep it was as I didn't even know what it was till I cleaned it

pretty sure it was in the front yard where I only found 3 coins, now I'm gonna

go back and finish.... I don't usually look em over till later, dig and pocket

move on, repeat, always time to check em out later. the curb and grass edges

are high on my list, found a gold band against the curb wasn't sure if it was rebar

or what....

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Been detecting sense the 70 and never found a Indian Penny. Man, your doing good.

Also been detecting since the 70's,but never coins,however,I did find an Indian Head while walking across a pasture. Eye balled it and it had the most beautiful green patina I have ever seen. Lost it years ago.

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