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Good day prospecting

El Dorado

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Seems like I have been cutting and polishing gold quartz for most of the last month. So I decided to do a bit of studio prospecting. 6.8 grams of mostly 200 mesh and smaller just from my cab making machine. This superfine gold is a real challenge to pan. I suppose I should have used the blue bowl instead. I Am going to leave the saw for a later date......


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Steve, have you ever used the 10" Falcon Clean-up Pan made by the same people that make the MD-20 Falcon metal detector?

It a great pan for super fine gold down to 300 mesh, it has micro grooves, sorta like old vinyl records, I don't used anything else to pan very fine gold out of blacksand.



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My blue bowl has micro fine grooves/scratches from 30 years of use. This superfine gold just sticks to that like it's glued. I have never heard of the falcon pan, it maybe good for this. It took me about a half hour to pan about a cup of material and surprisingly, only a very tiny amount was in my safety pan probably less than 2 grains.

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