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Day trip to Washington, CA


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Headed up for a nice ride this morning to see Washington, CA. This location became famous for a short while as it was rumored to be the place of that large nugget that hit the market last year. Turned out to be from Australia.

Anybody have any suggestions for a place open to swinging a detector for a while?

I'm following this post so if you post today, I'll see it.

Thanks in advance.

Rick and Con

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I would think the locals would be a good source of knowledge regarding abandoned lots and buildings in the area. I would assume they'ld want a split of the relics or coins found.

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Purdone or Edwards crossing on the SF Yuba rec area is much more productive. Washington and the whole area is freak central in the summer with much nudity,drugs and vehicle thefts. GREAT gold as the Yuba channel cuts straight through the 2 locations. Err on the side of caution when detecting the area and NOT for kids for sure. John

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Yeah, she didn't buy it either. Maybe that is why she kept pelting me with rocks when I went down on a beach to swing for a while (looking downstream to see if "she" was swimming).

Rocks hurt and she didn't take any time looking for small ones. :thumbsupanim

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