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Gold Basin/Dolan Springs Speeding Tickets


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For those of you going to Gold Basin by way of Dolan Springs be aware that they are out giving tickets ... and warnings just past the school.

The place I got caught this morning (about 8 AM) was in a 45 mph zone about 3 miles past the school about 1 mile before it turns into a 55 mph zone. There are some hills and dips there and I was going '63 mph' it was stated.

I was asked to stay in the car and he came back nicely and said 'I could give you a ticket but I would rather see you spend the $200 on the young lady next to you!' In other words I got a warning because I was polite and had everything in order. (License has no points, registration is current, seat belt was on, no open containers, no smell of pot, ...)

I was told it is open range there (correct) and people hit cattle and die (I have seen them on the road there) so he wanted me to slow down.

Be careful and you won't get caught but that is a blind hill and you won't see'm until it is too late.

Has this happened to you?


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That area is a Nationally know speed trap.
Welcome to Arizona they try to protect the driver and the cattle. (Open Range)
If you pay strict attention to the roadsigns you can notice the drops in the postings.

WELL,....?? Did you detect anything on this trip besides a Camo Deputy Sherriff.

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Was down there on the 6th of May and didn't see any police that trip. Normally see them in town hiding in plain site in a parking lot running radar. At night the speed limit is 5 mph slower coming into town from the highway.

I put the cruise control on 1 mph over the limit as much as possible.

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I've seen them in town but did not give as much consideration as I could to out of town heading toward the basin.

This trip was a skunk. I was doing some training but even with two detectors I got nothing but I went over some of the old spots rather than go out too far.

It was still a good trip. I'll go by Franconia on the way home.

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Franconia was too hot. I showed where I had found some goodies including THE nuggets. I had a nice trip back here to Santa Monica via Lake Havasu and Parker thru 29 Palms and it is almost as warm here as there!

I won't fight the heat. I'll go north next week.

The Lady next to me ... well ... if she enjoys hunting as much as she did in Gold Basin and didn't even find anything ... she may have to become my wife!


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