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New here to your guys site,

figured I would give youall something a little differant to check out, over on my web site I have a few pics of my latest project in hardrock gold recovery, would like to invite youall over to chk it out don't know if I will get hassled for putting my site on here but will try www.bbminingco.com . I am just a small time Desert prospector havin fun out in the bush trying to make a life out of the gold . thanks for letting me join your site.


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Gold Tramp,

Welcome to the forum, I have checked out some of your posts elsewhere on the internet, it would be great if you shared some of your expertise with hard rock gold mining with the forum!

We don't allow links that are just trying to sell merchandise, I do see that you sell crystals, but I don't think that should be an issue, but I will let the forum's owner Bill Southern make that call, in the meantime your link will be OK and I will direct Bill's attention here to give the final OK.

Are you also Capt. Herb that Ron (Oakview2) was helping too get in touch with Matt concerning a interest in his rock crusher?


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yes im the same Cpt Herb. i hope to score the crusher it will make a nice addition to my mill. I was never in the military I just figured since I had dug a couple holes in solid rock past the 20 foot point I earned the title.

I do try to sell rocks on my site but never have sold one yet, I just like to talk mining n hiking on my site mostly and could care less if I ever sell anything, it would be nice, but the mining is more what im about.

I will make sure I don't put my site on anything I write in the future, wasn't sure how youall worked that issue, thanks

Any time I can assist at hard rock well you know how miners are!!


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On my coffee break, trying out the grinding of 3/4 in material, it was a little noisy at first, 1 hour into the grind, just like butta.

Hope youall enjoy the site I get a little flakey from time to time im working on my 2nd year of deployment to the gold fields I have managed to stay off the hwy and out of town for 18 months now.

going for the 2 year record I think ive only ran into 12 other folks in 2 years.


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Welcome to the forum we'll love to help you along and look forward to your future posts on your success.

I had to remove the ink you post above, Bill Southern the owner of this forum sells prospecting equipment at his Nuggetshooter store and website and doesn't allow links to other vendors on the forum without his permission.


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