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"Gem Hunt" interview

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I regularly watched the "Gem Hunt" cable tv series over this last winter. The emphasis on haggling over price was a turn off, but getting to visit actual gem mines and see gem material in the rough more than compensated for me. The one character in the series who I enjoyed was Bernie Gaboury, the quiet, techno-gemologist-geologist guy. The May, 2014, issue of "Rock&Gem" magazine has an interview with Bernie which I really enjoyed. Maybe you will too. Besides his knowledge of gems, minerals, geology, lapidary, faceting and chemistry, I now also admire him for his outlook on life.



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Hi Cochetopa,

Welcome to the forum. We have done a lot of 4-wheeling, and some prospecting in The San Juans, up your way.

please feel free to post about any of the subjects you list above. I myself am saving for a rock saw so that i can cut

some collected material for sale, and the occasional meteorite.

Best Regards, Ben

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