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Looking for opinions for my Campo Meteorite, please?

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Well, since I can't figure out what the deal is with the Poll option, I will just ask this in a standard thread type.

I have acquired a 1 pound 9 ounce piece of the Campo iron meteorite. I have asked on Facebook about how to clean it to give it that nice shiny silver look and have been told to keep it in its natural state because collectors prefer it that way. So here is my question:

Since I am keeping this specimen for my own personal collection, what is your opinion on whether to clean it up real good, or keep it the way it is? I have tried to get some of the rust off but I do not know much about the irons and didn't really make any headway. Here is the piece that I have in its natural state.

Thanks in advance.




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Don't shellac it, you'll trap in any contaminants besides keeping stuff out.

Leave it how it is, if you start messing with it you may ruin it. That one is in really good shape, it'll out last all of us on this planet. The pros have their methods to get that silvery look, but I prefer them to look the way they did when found (yours has been cleaned extensively, it's not "as found"), maybe a little alcohol bath for a clean up and to drive out moisture.

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Shellac is the only finish that is a moister barrier, and protects against finger-prints.


Yes, but it also seals moisture inside the meteorite. With wood that is ok and desired, with meteorites it is not; they are better off being able to "breathe".

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