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The Best Meteor Shower of Our Lifetime?

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I just found this:


The reason I found it was because I was watching a live meteor shower last night online. While there was not much activity an event coming up may be the best meteor shower of our lifetime.

Here is the link:


The guy that was the announcer kept saying it is going to be great so I have Googled and finally found a suitable link:


Some are calling this a meteor storm!

Don't miss it. If it is a dud ok. I hear the best time is 10 PM for the West Coast.

Post more about it please.


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"Best Meteor Shower of Our Lifetime?" Yeah, if you're born yesterday.

You've got to get above 1000 meteors Zenithal Hourly Rate (ZHR) just to make it into the minimal storm category. I personally counted 1551 Leonids in ONE hour in 2001, and the radiant was only 45* above the horizon. (The true ZHR at that hour would have been about 3500). One ten minute period produced 424 meteors.There were over 3550 the whole night. The 1999, 2002 Leonids also produced between 1000 -1600 meteors (actual count) during the early morning hours. True ZHR would be above 1000/hr. Almost no one actually ever sees the ZHR since almost no one has the radiant at absolute zenith during the precise peak in a cloudless, truly dark sky.

Even if this shower preforms to expectations an actual observer in a dark sky might count 200 per hour. Hype sells news. I am realistic enough to positively guess you might see between 30-80 meteors, which to me would make it a great success.

But, meteor showers are like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you are going to get.


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Living 7 miles out of town, we have clear skies. My only problem is the only neighbor 300 yards to the north have them stupid street lamps Two in there front yard. If I get to the end of our house I can see best. Did Not see anything that I can't see on a Normal day. If I sit outside and kick back I can see four or five in a 15 minute time.

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Yep, Around her all you have to do is look UP! I looked south as stated and seen nothing I can't see on any day of the week. I can see two , four a hour no problems on just about any day of the week. Just look UP!

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Ok it say May 23-24th. What calender you looking at?...haha!

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I was up in Northern Nevada and was disappointed. I got back to the hotel room here tonight and they were showing 'good' reviews of it.

It was a 'non' event here.


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We counted 36. We had driven about 45 minute north of Phoenix to a location about 3500 to 4000 foot elevation,

where we could escape most of the light pollution. Most of them fell straight down vertically from the north, or northwest.

Several were large and slow. A few crossed most of the sky, going east to west, and much further south than the radiant

that was supposed to be our "hub". One was an actual fireball that stayed quite high, went straight south til it disappeared

over the horizon, on it's way to Mexico, probably. We started seeing them about 11:00 PM, and they peaked about 1:00 AM.

It was clear and breezy (cold for us desert rats), clear enough to see the milky way.


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I'm guessing they goofed up on times we were suppose to view it...whaaaaaaaaa if i had of just stay up a little longer...sniff

Reg says peaked at 1 so that's 3 am my time and i looked at 1:30 thru semi clouds and didn't see nuffin.

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