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Hey Bill & All


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Bill ,

Here`s that set up I was talking about for my Keene 140. I can get the 140, 2 picks and 2 shovels, and 2-10' x 3" hoses on it, and can hold little more (gas can, Gold bug II or engine).

Got the backpack frame on eBay for like 16 bucks. The frame has a small table that the 140 rests on.

This can cut multiple trips into a remote area, down to one or two at the most. :brows:


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The pack is good but the PICTURE is better. I can see you now by the definition of an Outback Drywasher ... makes me want to go.


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Adam, you're a freakin' monster !!!! That's why you're getting a jillion $ in gold per week!!! Rock on Dude!!!! With Pix! ... Cheers, Unc

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I had a customer who had me fab him a mini 6" dredge that ran on a 8hp IC briggs. He utilized a good quality bakpak frame and hiked it in for miles and miles. He wrote a article for Popular Mining j/f 1987 Size Wise telling of the experience. He was only 5'6" or so,thin but pure steel. My ol'ledge frame is in bad shape as some straps shredded from so many ungodly hauls up/down hill and dale. Gotta go where few or none have gone before to get that gold. Color me green with envy as just to darn old anymore-tons a au 2 u 2-John

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