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Some picts from this weekend

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I got out to the CA/NV desert this past Friday and Saturday for a bit o' meteorite hunting. My friend Mark B. found 1 the first day and 6 the second. I skunked the first day but finished strong with 22 finds the next; 18 of the 22 were in one small clump about 5' diameter that I stumbled upon at literally the end of the day. Here's a few picts:

Mark's 9g day one find




7 of the 18 clump are visible in this photo:



P.S. - Why does this forum only permit 4 photos per post? I could understand if you were uploading the attachments directly, but these are external links, thus cost no bandwidth, and I don't think there should be a limit (or if there needs to be a limit to linked photos it should be like 20 or something).

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Mike and Mark ... that is some good hunting and good fortune to 'get it' at the end of the day.

By the way ... meteorite hunting and gold hunting are unlike most 'hunts' when you are looking for something ... especially something that you lost.

Most hunters when they find something that they 'lost' STOP. It ends the hunt.

We on the other hand look HARDER when we find something just in case there could be more of it nearby.


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Nice finds, Mike !!! I don't understand the pic limit thing ... Best I recall there isn't a limit if you upload directly ... I posted on a rifle on classifieds and I think I put up like 6 photos ... Any how , very cool spacerocks! .. Cheers, Unc

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I started fitting together the 18-piece find. So far I have 5 pieces that fit together, but due the the small sizes of the fragments and the degree of weathering I don't know how much success I'm going to have.


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