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LAKE HAVASU CITY,...Any good Metal Detecting (for Gold) areas over there ???

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Is there anyone who knows of any good Gold prospecting areas (using a metal Detector) in any of the steams, tributaries or mountains around the Lake Havasu City area ?? I have a friend who is moving over there in about a month. He may also try to do some panning. Thanks, Gary

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Hello Gary. I would recommend the http://www.havasugoldseekers.com/base-camp/

They have many claims on the other side of the hills, and only takes an hour or so to get there.

Many years ago, I found a small nugget in the hills behind town, but then I learned it was "State Trust" land, so I haven't been back.

And yes, I did turn the nugget into the the State.........

Patrick .....

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Hello Patrick, and Thank You for responding. I went onto this website and was impressed with the size of the nuggets some of those guys have found !!!

Have you also been so lucky??, and / or do you also belong to this club and go onto their claims???? Man, that size gold almost makes me want to pack up and move over to that part of the country as well!!!!! Its probably starting to get too hot over there now to go out much,....at least until September or so???? Thanks Again. Gary

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