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Criminal Breaks into Home then Calls Cops to Save Himself from Homeowner

Is there anything more invigorating than seeing justice prevail? Sometimes we get to see justice

unfold quickly and judiciously -- and boy is it sweet.

Recently a thug in Mountain Park, Oklahoma was looking to make some easy money by breaking

into a home and beating up on some defenseless victims. He chose the wrong house. The man

violently broke into the home using a large metal pipe and attacked the homeowners.

Sadly for the not-so-bright criminal (but happily for us), the homeowner was well armed and opened

fire on the intruder, who was hit several times. The thug naturally ran away from the scene and

made it all the way back to his own home where he called emergency services to report that he’d

been shot several times.

The thug was so badly injured that he had to be airlifted from his home to a nearby hospital where

he is described as having potentially life threatening injuries.

While no charges have yet been filed, it is likely that the authorities will be ready to arrest the

criminal once he is released from the hospital.

This is just more proof that the most dangerous thing for criminals is an armed citizenry.

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The Problem is the Thief is going to Suet the Home Owner for causing Bodily Damages and PTSD! The liberal Courts will fall for it and take everything the man owns. As it was gun related and the Thief was of a color other then White he will be charge with a Hate Crime Tool.

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