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Epic Dry Washing Trip !!


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Boulder dash suggested going drywashing for 4 days. I was inclined to agree....Rain was in the forecast so I got to the spot before the rains to protect the asset. :fl:


Three 10 x20 sheets was all I had , but luckily the rain was short lived. The project seemed daunting and that's usually how they start. You tend to get into the groove rather quickly however once the dirt starts flying ....Teamwork and work ethic really make this happen :Diggin_a_hole:

Four days,, and 265 buckets later......We were met with the reward of the trip. This is when all our saved concentrates get run through the Keene 140 :brows:

Over an ounce of gold in this tray ..... :thumbsupanim


Here are some pieces that were just beeped ,specked,, or pulled from the drywasher randomly.. :yesss:

About 4.5 grams worth ....


Heres a little guy that wanted nothing to do with us......


Hopefully boulder dash will chime in with our final take from the dry washing...

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I had the privilege of running all the cons since my Christmas panning set has increased my panning skills 2 fold. Basically we busted our ass in one of the best spots I've seen. Total drywashing was basically 36 grams as you can see from the riffle tray. Here is a shot of it all panned out.



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I agree you guys got it down. way to go.

Watch out for the lizards they tend to hold on. :ROFL: AzNuggetBob

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Sweet find, I have only once or twice in my lifetimes worth of drywashins that I done had full riffles the best was 2 oz, with 22 nuggs and the rest fines one tray it was ribbon gold I have one piece left, came from 30 buckets spent like 2 weeks trying to find more not even a crumb, seeing your dig brought it all back again thanks for the show.

Times of good grounds youll never forget....................

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