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Did some exploring today in some very remote hard to get to area. The ground was littered with hot rocks and was sometimes a challenge. First target was a one gram heart pumper with another about a foot away. Thought I had the making of a super patch but due to the depth and ground bedrock was limited. Towards the upper reaches I found the last two. 4 gold 4 trash for a great average. Guess I need to take a pi in there.



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Good job Wade, a couple more and you can get a new pi. If not I know where you can borrow one.

Old Tom

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No pi in the near future for me it seems, im gonna stick with dowsing and boots on the ground. Pi would of heard the one gram piece and the .4 gram piece.

Waiting to see your finds with Dowsing.

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Nice finds there for sure:)
You guys sure had a awsome couple of days out :)
Tom H.

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In strongly mineralized ground, VLFs loose a surprising amount of depth. In mild ground its not so pronounced, but it makes a huge difference in highly mineralized locations. You may be surprised by what the PI finds.

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