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Been swingin the older local parks here in my home town in Colorado and having a lot of fun both parks were built in the early 1900's and have probably been Detected many, many times but it just goes to show it's nearly impossible to cover every square inch, there's always more to find, right?

It was a little disturbing to find an "06 casing and an unfired 30-30 shell but who knows what has gone on over the years and the question that intrigues me the most is what was it really like 70 years ago.... course that is the question I have been trying to answer for months and why I am suddenly a history buff.....

The "Goose Marking Band" was found in the small pond that was almost empty earlier this year and I called them and am getting a Plaque with all of the details for the bird who wore it for almost 20yrs..... too cool, will post a pic when I get it.

In all these coins I have only one Wheatie and no Silver as yet.... but have really only been over less than 10% of the parks area to date, have to just keep trying.



I have a growing list of all the places I intend to get to after boning up on my Colorado history, just wonder if I'll live long enough.....

Keep Swingin

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RAE, welcome to the forum.

Nice group of finds, if you haven't done so already, go to your local library and research the old newspaper articles for events that were held in your area, e.g. county fairs, annual picnics, social gathering, dances, etc., if you can locate today where these events were held back then you will hit the jackpot if no one has gotten there before you.

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Nice finds. You look long overdue for a silver hold for sure. I'm just watching my detector collect dust, so glad I didn't invest a lot. It don't bug me as much...haha! But i'll get the urge again for sure. Really been busy working on my place but have been watching for clues as to where to detect next.


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Oh yeah the Historic Pueblo Inc even mapped out all of the neighborhoods with the curb stamps for street names, and when me and the dog walk I make note of the sidewalk dates as well, there is even one or two homes where I noticed the original stone curbing has been saved... Back in the 70's they actually removed the horse tie rings in the curbs for safety issues.... so very few have survived... Studying the history has been very enlightening to say the least.

You guys have been very helpful while increasing my workload... more history to study, more people to talk to more legwork, course that's the difference in being successful..... Just like Nugget Shooting gotta be a good prospector and know some geology to be a good Nugget Hunter....

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