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Gunfight Rules

In a gunfight, the most important rule is ..... HAVE A GUN !!!

Shooting advice from various Concealed Carry Instructors:

If you own a gun, you will appreciate these rules...

If not, you should get one and learn how to use it and learn the rules:


A: Guns have only two enemies: rust and politicians.

B: It’s always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

C: Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not you.

D: Never let someone or something that threatens you get inside arm’s length

E: Never say "I've got a gun." If you need to use deadly force, the first sound they hear should be the safety clicking off.

F: The average response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes; the response time of a .357 magnum is 400 feet per second.

G: The most important rule in a gunfight is:
Always win - there is no such thing as a fair fight; cheat if necessary.

H: Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets ...
You may get killed with your own gun, but he'll have to beat you to death with it, ‘cause it will be empty.

I: If you're in a gun fight:
If you're not shooting, you should be loading.
If you're not loading, you should be moving.
If you're not moving, you're dead.

J: In a life and death situation, do something ... it may be wrong, but do something!

K: If you carry a gun, people call you paranoid. Nonsense! If you have a gun, what do you have to be paranoid about?

L: You can say 'stop' or any other word, but a large bore muzzle pointed at someone's head is pretty much a universal language.

M: Never leave an enemy behind. If you have to shoot, shoot to kill. In court, yours will be the only testimony.

N: You cannot save the planet, but you may be able to save yourself and your family.

If you believe in the 2nd Amendment, forward to others you know who also believe.

"Peace is that brief glorious moment in history, when everybody stands around reloading"
-- Thomas Jefferson

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Neither of my carry handguns have a safety ... only a decock lever. DA first shot and SA succeeding shots ... who has time for a safety! One more thing to remember to do when drawing the weapon! There's enough to think about in that split second you decide to draw your gun should the need arise to use deadly force in your defense of self, family or friends. Just my humble opinion of course.

Mike F

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When a real and apparent danger presents itself to you,

I truly believe that the survival instinct takes over

and most everything else is automatic. You don't even

think about clicking the safety off...it just happens

automatically. Then the attention is focused fully on

eliminating the danger........

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As a former shooting instructor in training when I lived back East one of the issues we had when putting 'students' under pressure was that if not practiced on a regular basis drawing and firing was significantly slowed if not practiced on a regular basis ... that includes sliding the safety off. You would be surprised the number of times folks would draw and press the trigger to 'fire' only to have to wonder why the gun didn't go bang ... only to find the safety was still on!

Mike F

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