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Kind of a skunk today


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Hey all:
Welp, got out with Dad and a friend from work that just got a 4000.

Took him into one of my super secret spots close to the aqua fria overpass on Glendale avenue.

Had to take some extrodinary measures to make sure the spot remains a secret. What! I cut a breathing hole in it for him :)
Well, dad is detecting around the truck and Ken and I walk over a couple of ridges and detect some tribs. He got some bullets and is getting used to the 4000, I got some junk and bullets.

So, we find this little motorcycle trail and follow it over to the next trib. Ken is detecting the trail and found a penny and some other junk. I told him "yah, on roads and stuff like this your going to get a lot of junk" Well, I no sooner had the words out of my mouth and no kidding.....I look down and there is a GARMIN GPSMAP 62st laying there. Holy smokes! Guess if fell off some guy riding. Im sure he was bummed as its about a 230 dollar GPS. It works good. I tried to find a name or something in it but dont see anything.

Well, none of us found any yellow stuff but had a real good time enjoying one of the last decent weekends were probably going to have for a while.


Tom H.



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Went all through the waypoints and such...cant find anything to indicate a home location.

Would like to get this thing back to the person that lost it but its looking like its mine for now.

Nice unit..has topo maps on it and everything.

Looking at the waypoints..........this person does a LOT of traveling!
Tom H.

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BTDT with the GPS. Was dirt bike riding with a bunch of buddies and lost one. Went back to look for it, and no sooner than I turned around to back track, one of my buddies pulls up with a smashed GPS and asked me if it was mine. Yep… don't know if I ran over it, or other bikers behind me did. That turned out to be a $300+ mistake. :grr01:

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Well Tom I guess you could go to each way point and look for ole yeller and if you find some leave a thank you note and let the person know you would like to give him a GPS for his kindness

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PS Tom there is one other way maybe. Contact the manufacturer of GPS and see if warranty got registered

That's a good idea. Speaking for myself, I know I have to have my GPS registered with Garmin with the serial number or MAC code before I can download any updated maps, firmware upgrades, etc. They do this in order to put a kabash to the piracy. Used to be you could download everything Garmin had to offer and install it on multiple GPS systems whether yours, family or friends. Nowadays you're only allowed one unique GPS per mapping program, unless you pay for anything additional.

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