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Here's a nice piece I just found

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Thanks guys. I call this one "yoshi". It doesn't look exactly like him but it does look just like a happy little dinosaur in the first pic. Does anyone else see that or am I crazy? In the first pic, the highest point would be his nose horn, he is facing left and it's a side shot. Even has a eye and a big smile. The lumpy stuff on the back is the shell, and there's even two little dots for feet on the bottom.

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:brows: you seem to have forgotten we're all miners here so your crazy just like all here. Gold fever it be and good too. Nice lookn' tiny dino ya got there also-John

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Hey Adam , I think there is a source nearby. That is the second piece of rough gold I found in that creek. Also the only piece of ore with decent gold I've found was from a bedrock ledge on a high and dry bank of this wash. I am actually working at the base of a mountain that is said to be the main source of most of the gold in this district. Almost all of the major veins in the area radiate outward from that mountain like spokes of a wheel. This creek I'm in is the only drainage for one whole side of the mountain, there are a bunch of old cuts or digs in the mountain above me. The ore from those old digs looks just like the nice gold riddled one I found lower down in the wash, it is almost jet black stuff, with little quartz in it. The gold is stuck in the black stuff and not in the quartz. I am having trouble pinpointing where the rough stuff originated because there is a whole bunch of smooth pieces too in the creek too.

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