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Hello all...not sure if i would be called a 'newbie' here..but my aka is Blue...I have some turquoise rocks my father is giving me, he is in California, I'm in Canada. He hasn't shipped them to me yet, so if anyone is interested, please let me know? As, if your in the U.S. it would be much easier to get them to you, then to ship them here to Canada...'unsure of border laws etc;' Thank you...appreciate any input or advice! Guess I am a newbie!!! Cheers!!


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Welcome to the forum BDB,

Nice turquoise!

I'm replying to let the Moderators know not to move this topic to the Classified section, which is where it should be, but since the forum's settings are such that a member has to have at least 10 posts before they can post or reply in the Classified section (which was set that way to keep Spammers from joining just to post in the Classified section), you wouldn't be able to reply to any possible buyers, when you reach the 10 posts level this topic will then be moved to the appropriate forum at that time.


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