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So you think you can shoot a handgun ??

Check this one out. Try it: See how good you are with a Russian pistol.

(All text is in Russian)

The virtual pistol is a Soviet Tokarev Model 40, in calibre 7.62 mm.

It is quite accurate. Being virtual, it will lack the actual 'feel' and the recoil.

When the pistol appears, click on the trigger, take aim,and fire.

It's very much like the real thing.

The longer you hold the pistol, the more your aim will wander.

You have 3 shots in 30 seconds to hit the target and get your score.


Click on the white dot on the trigger guard to start, after your 3 shots click on first line in box to try again

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The best I could do was 30 on the target scoreboard, but at the end after the 3 shots it said 10 at the restart icon/window, whatever that means, all of my attempts were around 26 to 30.

The animated arm sure is unsteady, put the pistol in my hand and I could hit the center every time!!

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We've got a Makorav in the family and this is quite similar ... I do like the 9x18 mm. ... Lots of fun to shoot, accurate ... Cheers, Unc ... Oh, all 0my scores were between 27 and 30... Cheers, Unc

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I recently acquired a Dan Wesson .357 is that thing cool or what. Had 5 bullets stuck in the barrel when I got it. Pounded them out and purchased a new barrel from Dan Wesson CZ USA. Put it all together and took it to the range and it is a shooter.

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Joe, Dan Wesson IMO made the most accurate 357's...and that ain't no BS. Tighter specs results in a more accurate gun and Dan Wesson had it down to an art. We did a little shoot one day for funzies. Colt Python vs Smith & Wesson vs Dan Wesson and all had 6 inch barrels. And when we got thru with the shoot Dan Wesson was by far the better gun. When you put it on bullseye it hit bullseye. The others weren't even close....oh they could hit the target just not the bullseye. And we all 3 shot the others gun too.

Two things I noticed about the Dan were it has very tight clearance between the barrel and the cylinder and between the cylinder and the hammer. Off spec ammo will not work in a Dan. If the primers stick out too far you can't spin the cylinder in a Dan.

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Rimshot, that Dan is unique in that with the proper barrel wrench it comes apart and a different barrel can be installed. Available barrels go from a 2" snubby up to 15". I have the 6" barrel. I always wanted a Smith and Wesson 686, but I think this is a better revolver. I got a great deal on it because like I said it had 5 slugs stuck in the barrel. I checked the cylinder and it is good, I just changed the barrel itself Less than $200.00 new. the old one is bulged in several places from the bullets that were stuck. It is now quiet the conversation piece. I saved the bullets too. There is supposed to be .006 of an inch between the barrel and cylinder. You set it with a feeler gauge when you swap barrels. The gap between the cylinder and hammer I believe is factory set. I have seen some proud primers in some hot reloads from recoil I am sure. That can sure cause a problem in a wheel gun.Thanks for the heads up on that.


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Yup that Smith was a 686..but no contesto to the Dan...lol

I ruined my ears on a 357 mag so do wear hearing protection...knocked the wax loose one day and my ears have never been the same..I think 150 rounds worth. Got in my 66 mustang and thought all of my speakers are broke....but noo, noooo, it was the loose wax in my ears. That 357 has a loud sharp boom when it goes off, I think I could handle a 44 mag better ears wise.

I know where one is right now in pristine shape too. But it has a 4 inch barrel. Seen it at a garage sale not far from me. The guy was asking $450 and I think he had the box too. hmmm...

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I tell ya what, there Rimmy,...

A 357 Mag. ain't got neeeaaarr the "POP" of a .44 Mag. :yikes::hide:

I don't fire mine without at least cig butts in my ears. :brows:

It'll turn ya into a "Hindo" real quick,

you'll be hollerin' "HOLY COW!". :25r30wi:

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Yes SP it's loud but the pitch ain't the same. A 357 is more high pitched and the concusion to my hears is completely different. Maybe it's just me, but that's the way I hear it. I can't even hear an alarm going off at 10 paces. sniff...when you lose your ear wax you have absolutely no ear protection at all...boy were we dumdum back in those days....haha!

I wonder if the low velocity 357's any quieter...anyone know?????

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Anything sub sonic won't have near the snap, crackle, and pop of a super sonic round. One of the reasons some people choose the 45 ACP over a 9MM when clearing a room. Super sonic indoors is loud. I am going to load some economical .38 special with lead round nose bullets 3-5 grains of powder for 750-850 feet per second. Quiet, low recoil and deadly accurate for shooting holes in paper. I have some 158 grain Hornady XTP for the other stuff, I will load those with a full charge of Win 296 magnum pistol powder. I like that stuff, especially in the .500 Magnum. It thumps.

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SP this might surprize you. Here are some typical dB levels for a few rounds.

db cal

150 .410 shotgun
152 .22 LR pistol
153 20 gauge shotgun
155 .223 rifle
155 .25 pistol
156 12 gauge shotgun
156 .30-.30 rifle
156 .308 rifle
156 .44 Special revolver
157 .22 Magnum pistol
157 .45 ACP pistol
158 .380 ACP pistol
158 .38 Special revolver
159 .30-06
160 9mm Para pistol
163 .41 Magnum revolver
164 .357 Magnum revolver
164 .44 Magnum revolver


But that high pitched crack that the 357 mag makes will get your attention everytime if your not wearing hearing protection.

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That's pretty interesting, Rimmy.

I would have guessed the 12 ga to rank a lot higher though. :idunno:

Maybe it is the pitch, like you said.

My .357 has a 6" barrel and the .44 has an 8 5/8", I think.

Not sure if that makes any dif, prob not.

I generally use Hornady rounds. (I don't remember the .44 mag. loads,

I'll have to look it up.)

The Hornady .357 mag. loads I use are 140 gr @ 1440 fps out the gate.

Still, the .44 mag turns me into a "Hindo" every time. :brows:

I agree, it very well could be the pitch, as it will effect everyone dif.

I know this from being a concert sound tech for several years.

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I don't see it on the list, but my S&W .460 mag used to clear out range slots near me when I shot it. I had to wear ear plugs and ear muffs. I warned people near me but they did not listen........ 200 grains at 2300fps from a pistol!

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El D,

460 XVR? I'm guessing this is a 460 magnum.

He got 153.4 db


He says he placed the meter ear level but he didn't say if the meter was next to muzzle or ear...hmmmm

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A smaller bore should produce a higher pitch.

Just as dif woodwinds have dif "bores" to produce a desired pitch.

Like the dif between a flute and a basoon.

The length of the "tube" also plays a part.

Shorter is higher, longer is lower.

Thanks Rimmy, I never really thought about it before. :shake2:

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My hearing in my left ear in particular was compromised in college rifle team my freshman year ... shooting 22LR Savage-Anschutz rifles indoors ... mostly without hearing protection ... except during competitions when we HAD to wear protection just to be in the range let alone on the firing line! Evidently we believed shooting in practice was different than when shooting in competition. Right!? I was wasn't it? :)

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