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The Miner's Song

Au Seeker

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Skip that music is what most of us on this forum remember good music to be.

I would like to see how many members think like I do and that the forum should have this as our official forum song and have it pinned as such.


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Great video Skip! I would like to do a youtube with all the pictures I have save from this site but don't know how too... I noticed we can't powerpoint too...wish we could...sniff.. You know leave it up for a week and delete it?

He does sound like Burl.

Edited by Rimshot
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Great way to start the day :thumbsupanim reminds me why I do, what I absolutely must do ,as ya never feel so alive as when out in the wilderness.....mining.thanx much for post :goodpost: John

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Ok here is a little thing I wrote a while back. says it all for me.

"You could say I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride.
with a Smith and Wesson strapped on my side.
Ive seen a million places with a detector in my hand.
and I've been to many mountain tops, all across this land.
I've found a lot of treasures, some you just cant hide.
some are not so apparent,not to the naked eye.
and then there are those, you just have to wonder why.
some of them are golden, like the sun up in the sky.
You can spend many years hunting, and digging lots of holes.
but finding that gold, never gets old.
Yes I'm a cowboy, on this steel horse I ride.
with a detector on my back,and a new treasure leed to track.
but until I fill my poke, I'll be coming baaaaack".
Re-written off Bon jovi, wanted dead or alive.
Whoops sorry I think I put this in the wrong thread. I think it was supposed to be in the
Lets create a poem for miners Edited by AzNuggetBob
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A miner ought not try to be a poet

and after this thread

y'all should know it.

y'all, What neck of the woods you from? AzNuggetBob

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just kidding Klunker, Im not going to quit my day job and start writing songs. :D AzNuggetBob

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