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when many of you are feverishly looking for nugget's....it gets quiet as a mouse in this forum....lol :4chsmu1:

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Got out yesterday at my normal time....0530 and drove to the lake where my patch is....haven't been there

for two months now....

Was swinging by 0615.....with all the rain we've had the lake has began to fill back up....now it's where it

was when I first found the patch.....now the weeds are from waist high to shoulder high....impossible to get

anything done but did check out my new Coiltek Platypus mono.....again I remember why I like the DD's

better.....dang thing is so sensitive it was picking up the wet green tuffs of grass.....

I did find something though.....right where he left it was Isdig's sound inhancher for his GP3500.....

No gold but some good clean air and a beautiful sun rise along with peace and quite!!!! :yesss:

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Wish I could say I was out but been getting myself beat up really sucks but I suppose it's good, I have work but I can't get to the forum till the weekends and there's been so many great posts to catch up on that it definitely chews into time

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