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Start to my prospecting season,...

Steel Pan

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Pics are of my "assistant" operating the nozzle.

We started a new hole and got down about 3 ft. sq. and

2 ft deep the first day. I figure we got about 2 to 3 more ft.

of overburden before we hit bedrock. :fl:

As we go deeper, I can break a dam of rocks to drop the

water level. With the extention on the nozzle, we don't have

to bend over as much. :brows:

The closer the nozzle head is to water level, the better it works. :4chsmu1:

Did ya miss me, I didn't really miss you. :25r30wi:

Cain't wait to get back out. :th_panic:




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That looks like a nice set up SP! Hope ya'll find lots of GOLD! Look at the muscles on that dude...woweeeeeeeeeee!

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