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reading dry river beds


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I'm looking for advise on how to prospect for pay streaks in arizonas dry river beds. It seems to me that the traditional spots dont seem to always apply to the river beds that only see occasional flash floods. I often find float gold in over burden and then little or nothing at bedrock. Sometimes it appears the gold is evenly distributed throughout the bed. Any advise would be appreciated! I keep finding just enough to keep me going back lol.

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I typically detest this saying but in the deserts it's most appropiate-Gold is where you find it. With next to no rain and wind being a major erosion factor coupled with periodic flash floods to REALLY screw things up in the mix, check it all. Perfect example is todays 3/4 oz monster nugget story. Read that one and follow in his footsteps and be STUBBORN to not meet the skunk-John

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I went out today and ran the drywasher from a spot I scouted a few weeks ago. I found some nice coarse flakes and pickers. It only added up to a little more than a gram but it was consistent, roughly .6 grams per yard. We ran 84 buckets and got 1.2 grams. Certainly not a skunk but not retiring anytime soon lol!

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