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Scientist: Gold crystal 'too big to be real' is real...


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It's a single gold crystal that "seemed almost too perfect and too big to be real," per a press release about it. Roughly the size of a golf ball, it was found in a Venezuela river decades ago, reportsKRQE, and worth an estimated $1.5 million—so long as it was indeed a single-crystal piece, as opposed to the more typical multiple-crystal variety.

The 217.78-gram (roughly 7.7-ounce) nugget was one of four that the owner provided to geologist John Rakovan in a bid to determine its authenticity. But peering into the structure of a piece this big is something that the Miami University professor explains had never been done before... MORE


Lujan Center neutron diffraction team confirms structure

LOS ALAMOS, N.M., April 7, 2014—When geologist John Rakovan needed better tools to investigate whether a dazzling 217.78-gram piece of gold was in fact the world’s largest single-crystal specimen—a distinguishing factor that would not only drastically increase its market value but also provide a unique research opportunity—he traveled to Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Lujan Neutron Scattering Center to peer deep inside the mineral using neutron diffractometry. Neutrons, different from other probes such as X-rays and electrons, are able to penetrate many centimeters deep into most materials... MORE: http://www.lanl.gov/newsroom/news-releases/2014/April/04.07-single-crystal-of-gold-verified.php


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