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Oldest Crystal Dated (4.4 billion years old)

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Here is an interesting article (IMHO) about dating a 4.4 billion year old tiny crystal.


It is kinda 'neat' to know that factoid but even better is the full article.

The real 'story' is how they (scientists) determined its age (a new technique). The story goes on to give a brief history of earth. This was prepared by Elizabeth Landau. This has certainly updated my earth timeline.


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This line from the article intrigues me:

"This crystal is a translucent red, Valley said, but glows blue when bombarded with electrons. At 400 micrometers long, its biggest dimension is just a tad larger than a house dust mite, or about four human hairs."

It's amazing this was even found. it would be interesting to read about what lead up to its discovery.


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Australia is the oldest continent, does't surprise me. AzNuggetBob

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