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Curiosity piqued as 'bright spot' lights up Martian surface...

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Odd light seen by Curiosity on Mars...

(CNN) -- A Martian playing flashlight tag with the Curiosity rover? The faraway glare from an extraterrestrial's TV? Or maybe someone warming up over a fire on the Red Planet's surface?

Probably none of the above.

Still, the latest snapshot from the Curiosity is pretty cool.

It shows the stark Martian landscape with a shining light standing out some distance away in front of a mountain chain. While reveling in the shot, the Curiosity Rover's official Twitter feed admits it's more illusion than evidence of life: "Ooh. Shiny. Bright spot in this pic is likely a glinting rock or cosmic-ray hit."... MORE


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Thanks for the link again to the rover. There are a lot of great pictures there. Much as I just took so many pictures of China on my trip. The Rover is a tourist on Mars.

My quote from it is less 'What is it?'

Each time, "the sun was in the same direction as the bright spot -- west-northwest from the rover -- and relatively low in the sky," said Webster. That could lead one to believe that sun was reflecting off the rock the same way each time.

Or the spots could be a function of light affecting the camera itself, noted Webster.

The other morning I was on the beach here in Los Angeles and when the sun came up and started hitting the Santa Monica Mountains similar things started happening but most of the 'reflections' were coming off of the glass and buildings that have been built. Sunsets create similar reflections.

Maybe there is an object that has been created on Mars that reflects on the treeless planet?

I don't think so.


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I think you're right Mitchel, that it's like what you've seen in the SM mountains. The article said it might also be a cosmic ray affecting the camera, but its neat position on the horizon makes me think it's a reflection off of a dewy or reflective rock. It was also suggested that it was a light bleed through the camaras hood.

I think its more appealing to think it's a glint from the rising sun. I like that idea.


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Catching the light from the rising sun, it could be Mike. The shape is sure similar.

But wouldn't it be great if it were 49's gold nugget?

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We keep searching for aliens in space. Has anyone thought perhaps we are the aliens....look in the mirror in the morning. I mean we are one odd looking creature. We develop high technology, rockets to space, medicine...it's astonishing the development of man and his genius to eliminate one another through war. So I think we are the ones we are searching for....We live on a rock in space....

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I'm liking MikeStang's suggestion of a dust devil. When you look at a closeup of the object it really looks like one.

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