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How the Earth Was Made - Gold Show


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I'm watching an episode of How the Earth Was Made and saw Chris Ralph on it. This episode being shown in California at 8:00 AM may repeat in 3 hours depending how you get your TV.

It is very detailed about the plate tectonics associated with the quartz gold found here and in the Motherlode. Now they have gone east and told how the Nevada gold came about because of hot springs pushing up the gold along with a lot of silver. They are explaining why there are deposits in Nevada rather than the veins in California.

I wish I could get a copy of it and we probably can from History Channel. It is a repeat of the show from 2010.

I've seen other episodes How the Earth Was Made but not as detailed as this one about gold.


I just checked and the America's Gold program will be on again today but not on HD. It will be on Channel 70 Time Warner at 11 AM.

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History channel ran the Yellowstone volcano show yesterday here. WOW that valley is close to a huge blowout as rising over 2" a year since 2006. Magma filling in and even raised old wrecks up out of the water in the lake. John

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