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Big time skunk buster

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It doesn't get much better than that!! Congrats to you and pops!!!!!!! :yesss:

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Hey all:
Tks for all the replies.

Yup, it was pretty exciting.

The brown stuff is not magnetic so I guess its hematite?
The other side of the nug has a thin layer on it also but you can see gold showing through on the high spots.

Dad and I will be making another trip up there with shovels. Want to dig off the top layer of easy gravel/rocks and then

detect the bottom half of hardpack.

Got a question for all you more experienced guys...........

There is a iron dike about 20 feet up the wash from where I found this. I dug out a little below the dike but the 5000 was singing

like a canary trying to detect it.

Would you go in with a DD in cancel to overcome this? Or, any other suggestions besides dynamite? :)

Tom H.

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Tom detectors suck explosions will help with the dike and top layer of any overburden to keep your shoveling down to a minimum

Yah, but then I would have every park ranger south of PHX. out in the hills looking for me! :)

A little bobcat would work wonders.


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Yeah Adam, The needle will be swinging like my head is everytime we walk into that place. It's a far piece for an old guy but there is a reward at the end of it. I get there about twenty minutes after Tom does so he has most of the overburden removed at the first spot by the time I get there. My VLF just doesn't do good in this wash at all. I'm just a digger at this point.

Old Tom

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Tom you should be able to find some settings on that 5000 that will allow you to detect the area. My god that 5000 has a million settings.
PM Jonathan Porter if you have to but geeze I could not believe you can't use that detector there.

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